All masonry work , carpentry, new construction, renovation, beautification of homes near Albi

Lescure, Artez, St Juéry, Cambon, Cunac, Cagnac les Mines, le garric, Carmaux, Castres, Rodez..

  After 10 years of activity in individual company building firm Albigensian masonry Alves ' turned into society : a limited liability company .

Fernando Alves , in the Tarn bricklayer for 25 years is the manager of the limited liability company and remains the main actor.
That's who you will see on your site new home or renovation to give you his advice of professional mason .

mason craftsman for 36 years (11 years of experience to their account after 15 years in different Tarn masonry companies ) , Fernand ALVES realized at construction or renovation of any kind.

For further information, please contact .

The best welcome awaits you .
Soon on your site.

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